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  K-pop? Gimbab?
    A lady from America visited a high school in GyeongJu and had a meeting with students.
    One of the students raised her hand and asked about K-pop.
    "Have you ever heard about K-pop?"
    She answered quickly smiling brightly.
    "Yes, it's really delicious."
    At seeing most students puzzled, she said again.
    "Yes, Gimbab is really delicious."
    "Not Gimbab! K-pop!"
    Many students yelled at her trying to say 'K-pop'.
    Yes, it's a little confusing but 'K-pop' is getting to be a trend in the world.
    There are many famous singers and performers in Corea.
    Super Junior, Gilr's Generation, SHINee, lately PSYs GangNam Style, etc
    And a song that I really want to introduce here is 'Forever' sung by The SKY.
    In my point of view, the group could be in the category of pioneers as 'K-pop' musicians.
    Focus on the song and, and...
    ( You might know why I am hesitating from here )
Bg Music: Reminiscence by The SKY
|| The Best Is Yet to Come=> Go
K-pop으로 한글을 알리자!
American Pie가 의미하는 것
The SKY Super Junior
Big Bang
Girl's Generation SHINee: Lucifer
Traditionall Music Modern Falk Modern Pop
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