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  Music in Corea  
 There are various kinds of music in Corea.

 Traditional music can be divided into two types: JeongAk(the music of the royal family and the upper classes) and MinSokAk(folk music). JeongAk has a slow, solemn and complicated melody, while MinSokAk is fast and vigorous. JeongAk is divided into two types: YeoMinRak and SuJeCheon. MinSokAk is also divided into two types: SeongAk (vocal music), which includes PanSoRi, MinYo and GaGok, and GiAk(instrumental music), which includes 'SanJo' and 'SaMulNoRi'.

  Traditional Music  
   Corea's modern falk music is somewhat difficult to define into a word.  
   But in my opinion, the main Corea's falk music could be 'Trot' or 'BbongJjak'.  
   The reason is that as we are getting older, we get to like them.  
   It might be a trend to listen to that kind of music, 'BbongJjak'.  
  Modern Falk Song  
 BakDalJae Crossing with Tears2
BaeHo - Collection A Far Hometown
 My Hometown Station Return to BuSan Port Mannam - Meeting
 Aemo - Longing for Love Love Might Be a Butterfly In a Flower Garden
 HaYanMinDeulRae Sunflower - Choi Yu-na
Oh YetNalIYeo - LSH
저음가수의 대명사, 배호: '돌아가는 삼각지'
트롵 가수의 전설, 이미자: '섬마을 선생님'
   Corea's modern pop music is various, including 'Hip-hop' and 'Jazz'.  
   One noticeable musician is SeoTaeJi, who has introduced a new and revolutionary  


 Corea's pop music.


  Modern Pop in Corea  
Blaze of Asia To Be Near to My Lover
I Konw! (SeoTaeJi)
My Favorite Music
Dream(JoYongPil) Song of Wind
DooDRock's Performance
Traditionall Music Modern Falk Modern Pop
Music inCorea
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